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Remaining compliant is vital to make sure that you don't get unnecessary fines or pay interest on owed tax. The benefit of getting your compliance services done by the same company that does your bookkeeping, is that tax estimates and returns can be done closer to the period end, giving you more time to prepare for your payment. We'll also send you e-mail reminders when payment are due to make sure that these payments aren't missed.


Based in Farnham

VAT Returns

We prepare and submitting your quarterly VAT returns on an ongoing basis, meaning that you will be aware of your VAT liabilities early enough to plan for payment. Lot’s of businesses over or under claim on their VAT returns meaning you could be paying more than you should be.

VAT Returns
Annual Accounts

Annual Accounts & Tax Returns

As a limited company, you are required to prepare annual statutory accounts and submit these to Companies House. Getting this information to your accountant for approval in good shape, can cut the cost dramatically. It also allows us to estimate your Corporation Tax giving you plenty of notice of what’s due. By using Handy Accounting Services you will have peace of mind knowing that this is all taken care of for you, saving you costly accounting bills.

P11 D's

Do you provide benefits to your employees? This could be cars, private medical insurance, gym membership, etc – we will prepare and file the annual P11D form to HMRC to ensure you’re on time with your obligations, helping your employees get their information from you, quicker.

P11 D's
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