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For business owners who know they didn't get into business to do accounting!

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services in Farnham, for busy entrepreneurs who see how outsourcing their accounts team can enhance their business.

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Why your business needs Handy Accounting Services?

At Handy Accounting Services, we understand that busy entrepreneurs don't have time to waste on fancy words or complicated financial jargon. That's why we offer straightforward, practical solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Partner with us to free up time and focus on what you do best - running your business.

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Have you created an idea, come up with a product and had a plan to help people? That's where most businesses start, a great idea. 


Have you struggled to pay your suppliers, not known how profitable you are or made decisions based more on a gut feeling than and informed plan? This is where most businesses end. 

Our services focus on small and medium-sized businesses, helping to let our clients spend more time on their business, doing what they LOVE! We offer a free consultation and discuss your needs allowing us to find the services that best suit your business. We are AAT Approved so our clients always have the peace of mind that they are receiving a professional and reliable service.

Bookkeeping and accounting can be a long process for small businesses, especially if you don't understand the software or what you need to do to make it work. We are here to remove the worry and hassle of taking on their bookkeeping alone.

Our fully-managed bookkeeping services are completely tailored to your business need, you can choose from a list of services, we'll explain how each one may help and you can decide if it will. No 2 packages that we've ever sold are the same, that's because no business is the same.


We're based in Farnham, and strive to deliver exceptional bookkeeping services throughout Surrey. As we are a small business ourselves we believe we are in the perfect position to offer accurate and reliable advice, helping you get the most out of your potential.

From startups to established businesses, our various packages can suit the needs of your business no matter how big or small. We have years of experience in delivering high-quality bookkeeping services, meeting all of our client's needs.


A Reputation for Superior Service

Tom is ideal for anyone who wants to hand over responsibility for their taxes and be safe in the knowledge that he’s extremely professional and thorough in what he does.


Tom's expertise and help have been invaluable in sorting out my rental property accounts. He's taken the time to go through my transactions and explain any amendments required in a friendly and approachable manner.


Tom offers a friendly, helpful service and will always endeavour to answer questions and queries as soon as he can.



15 Peakfield



GU10 3DX

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